What is spirit seal?

Spirit seal is a visual novel being created by Anizilla, it will be a fantasy, horror about a young man who discovers Stella a Jorōgumo who has lost her spirit seal, upon awaking inside a forest on the Dalirakian boarder, The two of them will go on an epic journey both with diffrent goals but the bonds they make on the way will change history. 

The Cursed King: Kisho


A noble but corrupt king who is being manipulated by a demon. He can only be himself when the demon is not in his pressence

V.A Dominic James


Age: 400

Awoken in a forest she relizes her spirit seal is missing and if broken she will die, will she find it in time or will the grim reaper be at her door?

V.A Katherine Eleanor

Keisuke Harito


A Young Man with a dream of becoming a knight, From a young age is has lived on the streets just wishing for people to take notice him. will he obtain his dream or will it fall though the roof?

V.A Christian Anderson

The forest of Loriana

Our young Knight satumbles apon Stella in the forest of Loriana, from there on they go on a life changing journey, Will she find her spirit seal, Or will all hope Vanish?

The Small Village of Toncordiga

Our heores have a missing persons quest in Toncordiga, why are they Disappearing? is it all just an accident? Or is somethig sinister at play?

Spirit Seal Realese date Summer 2021 Stay tuned for updates


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